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¦ Mazda, which posted a $1.8 billion operating profit for your fiscal year that ended in March, projected a $2.3 billion operating profit for fiscal 2016. Helped – as have been many Japanese automakers in recent months – by a weaker yen, Mazda had surpassed its recent profit goal of $1.5 billion. (Reuters)

¦ Elon Musk, chief executive of Tesla Motors, received total compensation of only $69,989 this coming year, compared with $78.2 million annually earlier. A great deal of the compensation he receives from the clients are tied to value of the stock and his options. (Bloomberg)

¦ In other Tesla-related news, a blog post on the Federal Trade Commission’s website stated that Tesla’s direct selling model was a good illustration of how consumers could be offered new ways to shop for cars. The article says most states have laws requiring that vehicles be sold by local, independent dealers, limiting choices for consumers. (The Federal Trade Commission)

¦ Robert Griffin III, the Washington Redskins quarterback, will drive the pace car in the Nascar race at Richmond International Raceway Saturday, according to a number of tweets between Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Griffin. Earnhardt had invited Griffin to get, and Griffin accepted. (USA Today)

¦ Beginning in May, Washington’s licensed drivers will commence getting their license cards replaced with new federally mandated Real ID cards. The old-style licenses in the nation’s capital will never be considered valid identification in particular federal buildings and, by 2016, for domestic flights, by early 2015. (The Washington Post)

¦ McLaren says it does not be adding a sport utility vehicle to its lineup. Mike Flewitt, chief executive of McLaren, said in Shanghai last week that McLaren would stick to sports cars. (Bloomberg)

Santa Paula Chevrolet

Having a bit of wanderlust is pretty common in the last few decades as the way we communicate changes, making it possible for anyone to support themselves, even if they don’t use a permanent base. Without having to be so strict in setting roots in one place over another, it is likely that you have someone in your life who never generally seems to sit still When it comes to buying gifts for these particular people, there are several pretty obvious choices, including luggage or possibly a camera, but here are some things for that traveler that you may have never thought of.

1. A Mode of Transportation

DTLA Nissan 1-1

If the wanderer in your life is much more land-based, finding the perfect vehicle is essential. The Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid from Downey Nissan is a good example of how everything a traveler will be needing can appear in one vehicle. It also boasts the size and style needed for those who stay on the highway for long time periods, though furthermore it have fantastic fuel consumption due to becoming a hybrid. Find out more about the Pathfinder Hybrid, by going to

DTLA Nissan 1-2

2. A Smart Phone

Possessing a smart phone is now an essential for anybody who is out of the house for long time periods. Smart phones have not also end up being the go to for almost everyone with regards to taking a posting pictures, though not only will it be a must to keep in touch via texting and email. People rarely use phones just for making calls anymore. If overseas travel is really a thing, ensure that the phone is capable of being used beyond the U.S. which the carrier has a want to make use overseas affordable.

3. An E-Reader

An e-reader is yet another must have for anyone who is doing a great deal of traveler. A novel can take up a lot of space within a bag and can be quite heavy. Plus, it may not always be readily accessible a bookstore while roaming. With an e-reader, books might be downloaded instantly and hundreds can be carried around constantly. Plus, these people have a longer life of the battery, making it less difficult than a tablet for longer trips away from a plug.


Big sedans and chrome-laden SUVs may be the first thing we think of now in relation to Cadillacs, but the luxury auto brand just wouldn’t end up being the same without its coupes. And General Motors just revealed its latest two-door model on the 2014 North American International Auto Show. Before, the latest Cadillac ATS Coupe puts the American brand facing the likes of the BMW 4 Audi and Series A5 in a segment it has never competed in. It’s in line with the existing ATS sedan – itself a rival to the 3 Series and A4 but cuts two of its doors from the equation to produce for a smaller Cadillac coupe than any it has ever produced before (and a far cry from the tail-finned boulevard cruisers of old).

Cadillac ats coupe

Forgoing the sedan’s base 2.5-liter V6, Cadillac is offering the new ATS Coupe with either a 2.-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine (rated at 272 horsepower and 295lb-ft of torque) or a 3.6-liter V6 (with 321hp and 275lb-ft). They are both mated into a six-speed automatic transmission driving the rear wheels, though all-wheel drive is available – as it is a manual transmission for that turbo model.

Cadillac ats coupe

Either way, you’re looking at near 50/50 weight distribution for perfect balance and advanced aerodynamic elements situated in the vehicle’s undercarriage to help it cheat the wind without the need for look-at-me spoilers. In fact, the full design is far more low-key than you might expect, taking a lower profile compared to the CTS Coupe, ELR hybrid or XLR convertible we’ve seen until now. But although it may look less innovative, it still packs all the latest technological advancements you could expect of a brand-new premium product from among the largest automakers in the world. Tick the right boxes on the options sheet and you’ll be looking at adaptive LED headlamps, Magnetic Ride Control, an eight-inch multi-touch LCD from the dashboard, 4G LTE cellular internet, a color head-up display, and so much more.

Cadillac ats coupe

“The 2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe can be a natural part of the brand’s progression, and the other distinctive, fun-to-drive and technologically advanced product for a new generation of drivers extending our target groups,” says Cadillac marketing director Uwe Ellinghaus. “It is really an exclusively distinctive American alternative, unique within its class, yet delivering a sporty and sophisticated driving experience rivaling the world’s best.


If you’re an enormous luxury car aficionado you might already know about the Ferrari World theme park in Abu Dhabi, which opened in November 2010. That park must be doing pretty well, because the auto brand just announced their plans to create a second park – this time around in Spain well.

PortAventura Entertainment S.A.U. (a subsidiary of Investindustrial) just signed an agreement with the luxury car brand for Ferrari Land, a theme park dedicated to your best prancing horse. The build site is throughout the PortAventura theme and resort park just away from Barcelona – which already attracts four million visitors a year, half of whom are derived from outside of Spain – and will stretch across 75,000 square meters of land. Ferrari promises that the park will have many different attractions for car fans of all ages, including “”Europe’s highest and fastest vertical accelerator.

ferrari land amusement park

After being exhausted after a long day at Ferrari Land, you can crash for the night in the first Ferrari-themed luxury five-star hotel that is going to be built inside PortAventura. The hotel will have 250restaurants and rooms, and a driving simulator.

The overall project is expected to cost around €100 million (which is USD $167 million) and will be opening in 2016 – which actually isn’t that long considering all the work that can be going into this course of action.

What’s your favorite color? We all have them; some people want to wear colorful and bright clothes whereas others stick strictly to black in the hope which it will make them look a bit slimmer. Their choice of car color also reveals some of their personality traits, it’s true,. That’s it’s not only the colors of the clothes we choose which indicate our personalities, what many people might not exactly realize. Let’s take a look at a few;


Black – elegance, sophistication and power. People who drive black cars are generally to never be messed with and they are not easy to manipulate. They can be in love with elegance and appreciate the classic touch. These folks will probably wear lots of black clothes too – it’s all about empowerment.

White – is direct, pure and pristine, traits which are usually found in every avenue of a white car drivers life. White motorists will often keep their motor neat and pure just like every other element of their lives – theirhomes and gardens, work places etc. White hides nothing. Incidentally the Ford Escape is a spectacular motor which looks a lot more amazing in Oxford White – look into Chino Hills Ford and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.


Silver – is an exciting, rather futuristic color and silver car drivers and owners like to look a tad bit more prestigious than your average gray car driver. There is certainly, of course, the perception that anything metallic is worth more than things which will not be – silver and gold are exceedingly precious commodities after all. Many people enjoy elegance with just a little flash.

Red – red is a vibrant, sensual and dynamic color – the warmth of passion – brave, energetic and bold. There’s little wonder that many sports cars are painted in vibrant red. There are two basic shades of red – one flashy and vibrant as well as the other with deeper, maroon / wine traits. Vibrant red drivers are super flash, dynamic and high energy who aren’t afraid to say “look at me”. Those who driver the deeper shade are a little subtler in their approach, they still enjoy being the center of attention but in a less obvious fashion.

Gray – anyone who chooses to operate a vehicle a gray car is often a pretty “gray” person – neutral, sober and practical. They are usually very practical and pragmatic, list makers, the type of people who like to make a plan and talk your ears off. Dare I say boring? No, scratch that . . .

Mid Blue – drivers of lighter and mid blue cars are the most faithful of types, loyal to the end. This color is pretty cool and calm along with the drivers are just the same. If this guy wishes to be your friend they will stick by you through thick and thin and be friends to the end.

Dark Blue – the people who choose dark blue cars are pretty confident, authoritative and credible.


Orange – you don’t see lots of orange cars on the highway and there’s a very good reason for that – orange car drivers like to be unique. Orange car drivers are often creative, artistic types by having an individual charm.

Yellow – yellow is really a bright and sunny color and also the drivers of yellow cars are often pretty similar. These people will generally possess a fabulous sense of humor and a sunny, joyful personality. Anybody who drives a yellow motor is certainly not shy about being noticed.

Whatever color car you choose to drive there are a great range of new and used motors at – think about the selection of color meticulously.


It has been about sixty days since the launch of In that time, many articles have already been published and the response is immense. Hundreds and hundreds of readers are turning to AA for the latest in automotive news, vehicle previews and reviews, in-depth tech reviews, and news from the tuner industry. Founded upon the easy goal of “informing the car enthusiasts,” is achieving that and much more.

In the coming months and weeks, readers can expect even more in the staff of America’s newest online automotive magazine. Throughout October, Editor-in-Chief Mike Cervantes and the AA staff get you to France for one of Europe’s premiere automotive events, the 2004 Paris Motor Show. Expect in-depth previews of the latest vehicles from the world’s greatest carmakers, including uniquely European brands like Renault,Peugeot and Citroen, and Fiat. As executives from across the globe gather in Paris, count on to give you the latest – to the level, on target, not boring. It’s as simple as setting your browser to is the online publication of Automotive Network, Inc. (ANI). With immediate access to’s nearly 2.5 million unique visitors on a monthly basis, is about the auto enthusiast. The employees consists of Founder/CEO Igor Sushko, Editor-in-Chief Mike Cervantes, European Editor Anthony Matthews and Contributing Editors Brian Ferrari, Pavan Lall, Jacob Lowry and Mark Sanew. Strives to entertain them and connect to them via the enthusiast community on, although aA is not simply just focused on informing readers through simple articles.


Tough times go on for Japan’s Mitsubishi Motors since the company announced a plan late Wednesday night to cut 1,200 jobs from its Normal, Ill. manufacturing plant. The layoffs are part of Mitsubishi’s plan to pull itself from the financial instability that has been hanging over the company for the past year.

The Normal plant currently employs around 3,100 people working in two shifts. That will drop to one shift by October once the 1,200 workers is going to be fired. “This was a very difficult decision, but we believe it is actually necessary for the long-term success of the company,” said Rick Gilligan, Mitsubishi North America’s president and CEO of manufacturing.

The job cuts were expected following DaimlerChrysler’s decision to not bail out their Japanese partner and to essentially distance themselves as much as possible from Mitsubishi. Both company’s deal to build vehicles together at the Normal plant will not be renewed in 05, leaving the plant solely to Mitsu. Currently, the Mitsubishi Galant, Eclipse, and Endeavor are designed at the plant along with the Dodge Chrysler and Stratus Sebring. Production at Normal has dropped 22% despite the development of the new Galant and somewhat new Endeavor.

Worldwide, a company-restructuring plan calls for 11,000 job cuts – almost one fourth of your company’s workforce – and plant closures in Australia and Japan. The master plan has been called Mitsubishi’s “last chance” by executives, and also includes $4 billion from Mitsu’s parent company and lending institutions.

Mitsubishi was stung by major recalls throughout Japan, and by their “0–0” financing plan in America that gave Mitsu the youngest average buyers in the industry until many of those owners defaulted on their own loans. Now, with Mitsubishi in incentives withdrawals (US sales are down almost 27% this year), the company’s dealers are relying more heavily on used cars to earn money. No clear plan has been made public in regards to plans for vehicles beyond what exactly is currently discounted.


Visitors of the 2005 The Big Apple International Auto Show could possibly have thought they saw a ghost the 2nd they entered into the Jeep display area. A ghost of the last Jeep Cherokee, that is. So as to return to its “classic” design, and appease those who haven’t exactly been pleased with the soft look of the current Liberty, Jeep has come up with this boxy version of the current Grand Cherokee called the Commander. Think of it as a Grand Grand Cherokee with carbon copy looks of your old Cherokee.

Confused? Which makes two of us. The whole point of the Commander, we think, would be to offer people a third row of seats. This is the first Jeep to seat seven. But instead of simply making a Grand Cherokee XL, like GM has done using its midsize SUVs, Jeep made a decision to entirely reskin the GC and consider it the Commander. In fact, the Commander shares the GC’s 109.5-inch wheelbase and is only about two inches longer overall.

The big difference comes in the stepped-up roof hidden behind the luggage rack. The bump that starts behind the very first row and continues up to the tail of the Commander provides the headroom needed for the second and third rows.

The big question that comes to mind, however, is simply WHY? We wondered what was undergoing Jeep executives’ minds once they came up with this idea. Perhaps the “everybody’s doing it” argument works – the Explorer, aforementioned GM midsizers, Dodge Durango, Honda Pilot, Nissan Pathfinder, and others, all have third row seating. So, considering investment in the new Commander should have been substantial, Chrysler must have data letting them know this is a item that stands a high probability of working. But will its success come at the cost of the Grand Cherokee? It really is only 2 “” longer, after all.

Courtesy: DaimlerChrysler

And what exactly was experiencing designers’ minds? The new Grand Cherokee followed up a prosperous run by having an odd fresh look, which includes a face that only a mother could love. The new Commander seems intent on being the GC’s equally unattractive bigger brother. It’s conservative yet ugly all at the same time – generally not just a feat we’ve come to expect from the Chrysler Group.

There’s a reason why GM’s Hummer lineup has become eating Jeep’s lunch recently (though their run has turned into a coughing, stumbling jog). It’s not just for the reason that H2 was the “it” vehicle during its first model year. Hummer works because it captures the brute brashness of true offroaders, even if its actual abilities are questionable. They make it look fun. Jeep, on the flip side, appears to be making a run at “Soccer Mom-mobile of the Year” award using this type of new Commander. This is as dowdy as it gets, which is terribly disappointing considering some of Jeep’s awesome concepts of late.

Oddly, Jeep is the only division with all the Chrysler Group where it appears concepts tend not to become reality. Because Jeep could really use some direction right about now, that’s too bad.

The All-New 2006 Jeep® Commander Expands Jeep Lineup with its Classic Design, Jeep Engineering, New Features and Safety Technology

Source: DaimlerChrysler

Its name is Jeep Commander, however the newest member of the Jeep vehicle family could equally as easily answer to “vanguard.”

That’s since the all-new 2006 Jeep Commander – classic in design, engineered to carry out as only Jeep vehicles can, the first with three rows of seats, and equipped with advanced safety technologies – is definitely the leading edge of a Jeep product offensive scheduled for the next few years.

“The 2006 Jeep Commander is significant for a number of reasons,” said Jeff Bell, Vice President Jeep, Chrysler Group. “First, Commander signals our commitment to remain the leader inside the sport-utility market, a market that Jeep invented a lot more than 60 years back. This is the first seven-passenger 4×4 that is Jeep Trail Rated. Second, commander will be the only SUV in its class to offer two V-8 engines. In addition, the Jeep Commander expands and strengthens what is already a stellar lineup, consisting of the Wrangler, Grand and Liberty Cherokee. And finally, the all-new Jeep Commander initiates the expansion of your Jeep vehicle lineup that will take place during the second half of this decade.”

Courtesy: DaimlerChrysler

Heritage Exterior Design, Complemented by An All-New Interior

In developing the 2006 Jeep Commander, designers looked to past Jeep vehicles for inspiration: the Willys Station Wagons (1946 to 1962), the Jeep Wagoneer (1963 to 1991) and especially the Jeep Cherokee (1984 to 2001). All were classically Jeep in appearance, with sharp lines, planar surfaces and rugged looks. The 2006 Jeep Commander is a modern interpretation of the design ethic.

The Jeep Commander’s upright windshield, rear and backlite end, along with its more vertical body sides and side glass, embody the vehicle’s classic Jeep styling. Even the side-view mirrors are blocky and stout. Overall, Commander looks strong and confident due to the military bearing – upright and rugged.

The Commander looks familiar and new concurrently, and as it is steeped in heritage Jeep design. This tension between past and offer engages the emotions.

“The Jeep Cherokee is undoubtedly an authentic, classic shape which is rooted from the public consciousness,” said Donald A. Renkert, Senior Manager, Jeep Studio, Chrysler Group Product Design Office. “By reinterpreting that vehicle, and other classic Jeep vehicles of the past, the Jeep Commander elicited nods of recognition from consumers, even though it is a new vehicle. You will discover a sense of deja vu regarding the Jeep Commander that brings knowing smiles of satisfaction.”

The satisfaction continues within the vehicle, where attention to detail is evident. For example, both the-tone instrument panel is a design unique to Commander. Through the gear shift knob, to the four round gauges that make up the instrument cluster, on the new controls, Commander is refined and uniquely Jeep in appearance.

The newly designed seats are comfortable and supportive. And, for the first time in a Jeep vehicle, there are three rows of which, each row slightly more than the one in front of it. This distinctive stadium seating arrangement makes forward viewing easier. The third and second row seats fold forward to create a flat load floor. Commander is merely two inches over the 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee, even though it is designed to accommodate three rows of seats. And since they have the same wheelbase (109.5 inches), Commander is as maneuverable and off-road capable as being the Grand Cherokee.

The Jeep Commander’s stepped roof provides third and second row occupants with plenty head room. Complementing the available front-mounted sun roof is Command-innovative, View™ and new skylights (filled with shades) over the second row of seats.

Engineered to look Anywhere, Do Anything

Class-leading off-road capability and on-road refinement were mandatory for that Jeep Commander. So, the Jeep team went to the head of the class: They provided Commander with the same 4×4 systems, powertrains and suspension as the award-winning 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee, including a completely independent front suspension and rack and pinion steering. Available on Commander are:

• Three full-time four-wheel drive systems, Quadra-Trac I®, Quadra-Trac II® and Quadra-Drive II®

• Two transfer cases offering Brake Traction Control System (BTCS), and Electronic Limited Slip Differentials (ELSD) for best-in-class tractive performance

• Three available engines: the 5.7-liter HEMI® V-8 with the Multi-Displacement System,

the four.7-liter SOHC Power Tech V-8, as well as the 3.7-liter SOHC Power Tech V-6 engine

Courtesy: DaimlerChrysler

“The on-road refinement and off-road capability of the 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee are key reasons why it had been named 4×4 of the Year by 4-Wheel & Off-Road magazine,” said Craig Love, Vice President, Rear-Wheel Drive Product Team. “Now, the only vehicle on the market with similar pedigree may be the all-new Jeep Commander.”

Safety and Security Designed in right from the start

Like all Chrysler Group vehicles, the 2006 Jeep Commander is designed to improve not only handling and accident avoidance, but additionally to provide excellent crash protection.

Jeep Commander is definitely the first Chrysler Group vehicle with electronic roll mitigation. Using input from multiple sensors, the device deploys the atmosphere bags in certain rollover scenarios, as well as side impact events.

Crash protection features on the Jeep Commander include advanced multi-stage air bags with an Occupant Classification System, available side curtain air bags, seat belts built with pretensioners and digressive load limiting retractors, and BeltAlert®, a buckle-up reminder system for that driver.

Crash avoidance features on the 2006 Jeep Commander include standard Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) and an All-Speed Traction Control System (TCS). A tire pressure monitoring system, ParkSense™, (rear park assist), Uconnect™ hands-free communications, DVD-based navigation system, SmartBeam® headlamps and rain sensitive wipers provide additional security and safety on the road.

Jeep Trail Rated

The Jeep Trail Rated badge on the 2006 Jeep Commander shows that your vehicle has been built to perform in a number of challenging off-road conditions identified by five key consumer-oriented performance categories: Traction, Ground Clearance, Maneuverability, Articulation and Water Fording.

Jeep Trail Rated is an industry-leading methodology established by the Nevada Automotive Test Center (NATC) and Jeep Engineering to objectively measure and consistently predict off-road performance for many Jeep vehicles today and into the future. Through a mixture of natural and controlled field tests, and also computer simulated environments, Jeep Trail Rated provides a repeatable and consistent measurement of off-road performance for all Jeep vehicles. Only Jeep vehicles are Trail Rated.


The Hyundai Veloster combines cool, sports-car looks using a fairly pedestrian powertrain — a 1.6 liter engine that’s tuned for fuel economy rather than speed. The Veloster’s interior is just as cool as the exterior, and it includes an iPod-compatible stereo along with a Bluetooth speakerphone as standard, so teen drivers can keep their eyes on the road rather than on their devices. The three-door layout (one door on the left side, two on the right) makes it friend-friendly, and with a starting price under $19k, the Veloster isn’t much too more expensive compared to the average compact sedan. Hyundai makes a turbocharged version called (appropriately enough) the Veloster Turbo; it’s not unreasonably speedy and it is arguably a better choice should your teen will be doing plenty of freeway driving.

It’s summer and with that comes not merely the expectation of incredible adventure and fun. Or that summer vacation is over, we all know that once that calendar flips over to September we are inside the waning slice of time before we have to face reality and go back to school. So we will need to make the most of summer before it’s too late! Here are some efficient ways to make sure this really is a summer you are going to never forget!

1. Vacation To Hawaii


It may comes as an unexpected that a trip to a place like Hawaii is actually quite affordable. I understand I employed to think that going to Hawaii or Cancun, or any of these other well-known vacation destinations, had been a dream plus an unobtainable retreat for others who happen to be more well off than I am or will ever be. Alas, I sighed, I shall never know their sweet shores since I am not making six figures and I possess a mortgage and food to provide. Don’t be so quick to believe that your vacation dreams are dead, because airfare to our most islandy state (sorry Rhode Island) is quite reasonable and often can come in all-included package deals. your so you family makes it to the big island with relative ease and enjoy 5-day or 7-day as well as 10-day trips. It’s worth looking into prior to dismiss it.

2. Purchase a Sweet New Car and Joy Ride It


Like airfare to distant lands, a brand new car may be more in reach than you think. Car dealers would like to move units and provide excellent bargains on monthly payments and down payments. What better way to like a summer with a brand new car, windows down as that warm breeze washes over you using the beach waters to your left and the beautiful mountains to the right. Should you don’t think a new car is in your financial allowance, I’d suggest seeing what Nissan Moreno Valley is capable of doing for you because they have great summer deals on cars you may not have thought of ever wanting. And the best part is as soon as the summer is over, you still have the newest car and you are stylin’ all year long! See just what I’m talking about at

3. Swim every day Every Day


A benefit of summer is that you can enjoy soaking your whole body in Earth’s most pleasant waters. An enjoyable summer challenge that is also extremely rewarding is to ensure that you go swimming – dunking your body fully in water – at least one time a day, each day, during the summer. It can be the pond near your house, or even the river by the work, or perhaps a pool when you’re in a friend’s house. Something that gets you fully wet and summer enjoying. It’s an enjoyable challenge related to a friend or loved one, too, so why not get a few of your compatriots on board for a fun summer challenge!

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